Monday, December 22, 2008

Desagathi Bhashe* in Context of IT

Dear Artists,
Is technology pushing the native languages to the background?
Do you think the native languages will fade to oblivion in the coming years?

To answers these questions, in association with is coming out with an Art exhibition,
Desagathi Bhashe* in Context of IT
on how IT can be leveraged by the "native" languages. Considering the ubiquitous presence of English in IT, if we don't promote our native language in the cyber world, it might well see the fate of other "dead" languages.

Come up with your ideas in the form of Paintings/Cartoons for the program proposed to be held in Bangalore.

Don’t miss this ideal opportunity to showcase your creativity!!

Register for this unique event by sending your brief profile and picture to
For more information contact: Pramod PT +91 94487 01470
*synonymous to mother tongue


These artists have been molding their creativity on canvas for this cause…

Satish Yellapur (born 1965), a well known Cartoonist, Painter, Teacher, Writer from the place named Yellapura, North Kanara Dist., which finds a habitat that is full of life. Cultural root is so tightly bonded with the soil that it emerges with great fluidity and clarity. His works have serene quality, well combining realistic figures and decorative elements. More than 2000 cartoons were published in many newspapers, magazines etc. He has actively participated in many art exhibitions and conducted workshops, art camps. He writes short stories, poems and articles. Some of which are published in the Kannada magazines, newspapers. His email Id is

The most striking character of J Kadur (born 1975) is that he is quite obdurate. He has every strength in him to turn the fate of everyone around as much as he can do that to himself. He is vivid both in terms of quality and style. He is a AMGD graduate from Chikkamangalore. Few of his solo shows; Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Kala bhavan, Mudigere, Kuvempu kala mandir, etc. Few of his group shows; NNYK, Gujarat, Rain Tree art gallery, Swasti Art Gallery, Summer fair in Columbo, etc. He is running his own art gallery ‘Vin’scent Art World in Jayanagar, Bangalore. For details visit

Ragh Puttur’s (born1982) paintings have a style that’ll amble upon the cubism in retrospection. However he finds harmony in a color composition that varies each time in each picture. He graduated in 2000 from Mahalasa School of Arts, Mangalore. He has participated in exhibitions in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chitrakala Parishat, World women’s conference, Mysore dasara etc. His works are displayed in Karnataka Nataka Academy, Neema Art and craft gallery, Golden enclave Leela Palace, Arohana amongst other places. You can reach him at

Shivaraj (born 1975) brings his professional skills as an architect to the drawing board. This is his fourth exhibition, after Ghatashradda (the ritual) at Devarayanadurga, Paint Box Art Gallery and Chitra sante, Bangalore. You can know more about him and see some of his works in
his blog,

Praveen Mallar (born 1985), is a sculptor, painter, teacher and a gleaner. His works integrate
traditional and modern approaches. Praveen has a degree in BVA has participated in a number of art-events including ‘Agnipath’at New Delhi in 2005 and All India Exhibition of Indian Academy of Fine Arts at Amritsar. You can reach him at

Prashanth Harish (born 1974) is currently employed as Project Manager with SAP Consulting. He holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Engineering and has over 10 years of IT experience in companies like SAP, GE, P&G and Infosys. Though he has been associated with art since childhood, this is his first art exhibition. He believes - one should have strong roots in the local language and culture to spread their wings in this age of globalization. His other hobbies include juggling and writing short stories, some of which are published in the editorial of Times of India. He lives in Bangalore with his wife Shruthi and daughter Pranathi. He can be reached at

Namita (born 1968) believes that there can be no end to the learning of art in its various forms. She has experimented with oils, water colours, acrylics, murals, wall paintings, decoupage, scratchboard, colour pencil, charcoal, fabric painting, aluminium wire art, aluminium foil work, paper mache, needlecraft, glass painting, glass frosting, glass etching, mirror murals and mirror painting. This is her sixth art exhibition after her show at Canara Union Art and Craft Exhibition, ‘Rainbow’ and Chitra Kala Santhe, Bangalore. Apart from being an artist, she has also taught art. She can be reached at

Sudhindra (born 1979) a qualified mechanical engineer working with Siemens. He has a fascination for landscape painting especially with Water colour where he has been painting with watercolors since his school days winning numerous awards. He has a keen sense of light and shade to give his paintings an unusual depth. Sudhindra considers his uncle, a painter and photographer, as his biggest influence on art. Sudhindra lives in Bangalore with his wife Gopika. He can be reached at

When at school Nitin (born 1983) drew a caricature of his class teacher. But unlike what happens to others, he wasn't caned instead the teacher got impressed and became the first person to promote him by taking the picture to all the classes and presenting them with pride. After his schooling he joined CKP Fine Arts College in 2000, where he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Program. He joined Triton Communication as a Visualizer and then moved to O&M. His email id is

“Life is full of colours” – that is the fundamental belief of Shiben Moitra. Born in West Bengal in 1978, Shiben was trained in painting by his guru from Shantiniketan. Though Shiben is a MBA by education and is working as a Manager in an IT company in Bangalore this does not stop him from painting during his free time. His favourite medium is oil, though he paints a lot in acrylic and water. His predominant style is realist and modernist. His paintings depict positivism and hope.
Shiben has participated in group and solo exhibitions across the country, the most recent solo show being in July 2008 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. He resides in Bangalore. His email id is

Pramod (born 1982) has very interesting themes but gives quite a melancholic message as far as the people involved in them is concerned. He is rather fond of the themes derived from the lives of the downtrodden. He is currently employed with a design Services Company. He holds Bachelors degrees in Engineering and has been associated with art since childhood. This is his fifth art exhibition after shows at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Paint box art gallery (on ‘kaaneena’ (Illegitimacy)) and Devarayanadurga (on ‘ghatashradda’ (the ritual)). You can know more about him and see some of his works in his blog,

Yashashvi (born 1985) is a qualified engineer and a self taught artist. His keen interest towards understanding the way of life of the downtrodden made him to pick up the brush. He has taken part in a group show at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. You can know more about him and see some of his works in his webpage

Sripad Kulakarni (born 1980), graduated from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in 2002, specialized in painting. His philosophy; "There has to be a certain freshness and newness in one's art, otherwise it's pointless to pursue it. To be different means doing something you have never done before."
While doing the course he always had Influence from various artists like late R M Hadpadh, DH Kulkarni, who opened his eyes in seeing paintings of great artist and showed the right path in art, after few years he was more influenced with Ajanta frescos and Indian miniatures paintings and water colour was his favorite media and started experimented more on it and started exploding in mix media, acrylics etc. This is his first group exhibition. His email id is . You can know more about him and see some of his works in his webpage

Sunder Babu (born 1977), a very creative, dynamic artist, has a mature command in medias. The shapes he uses in his works being distinctive yet complicated in its own way. A AMGD graduate from Chikkamangalore, has participated in many art events including Shantiniketan, Dasara exhibitions, camps and workshops. He has also taught art.

MG Hegde (born 1976) promising artist born and brought up in Sirsi, Karnataka. He has MFA degree in art and he firmly feels that art, like poetry, must flow from within. Hegde believes that art at it's best must inevitably excogitate the roots of his cultural and historical environment. Participated in several major shows including, Mysore Dasara, Lalit Kala Academy, Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur (MS), Udaipur (Rajasthan), Andra Pradesh, Punjab, 'Ohio' united states, etc. His works are displayed private and public areas. He can be reached at

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